Impact Detroit are a group of Detroiters who uplift the work of residents and neighborhoods in the city and connect local projects to resources.

In Fall 2011, a table was formed called the Process Leaders to shape and guide the civic engagement process of the Detroit Works Long Term Strategy. The Process Leaders were selected because of their involvement in the Detroit Works Project and their ties to the community. The role of the group was to guide the framework process with the input of residents, act as ambassadors in the community and advocate for an authentic and transparent project. The Process Leaders planned and coordinated outreach for all of the Community Conversations, spoke at block club meetings and volunteered at the Detroit Works Project Home Base. This community engagement work ultimately led to the creation of the Detroit Future City Strategic Framework.

With the formation of the Detroit Future City Implementation Office in early 2013, the Process Leaders felt that it was important to continue meeting and exchanging neighborhood current events. As the year passed, the group noticed that the residents of Detroit and their projects weren’t being uplifted in the current system. The Process Leaders decided that they needed to take ownership of highlighting and assisting local projects and encourage the community to move forward together to make their solutions work. The group created a separate initiative called Impact Detroit to be the catalyst in the community and to help guide neighborhood initiatives. Impact Detroit would provide a complimentary entry point and process for neighborhood stakeholders to bring the Detroit Future City Framework to life through on-the-ground innovative and inspirations projects, which raise the quality of life for Detroiters.


September 2010 - Detroit Works 1.0 launches.

April & May 2011 - Summits for Youth, Immigration, Seniors, Artists, Entrepreneurs and Environment. These were planned by community members.

October 2011 - First Process Leaders meeting (many were invited were planners of the Summits).

Also the beginning of DWP 2.0 (short term and Long Term Planning)

April–May 2012 - Community Conversations in Districts (1st Round).

Three sets of conversations held in each district. Process Leaders were instrumental in planning and leading.

January 2013 - Strategic Framework released.

February–November 2013 - Continued meeting and giving feedback. Also discussed the future implementation office. And continued doing civic engagement around the framework.

November 2013 - DFC Implementation office creates the Civic Capacity Working Group to act as the official civic engagement body for DFC.

Process Leaders decide to continue meeting as an autonomous group. PL will work closely with the Detroit Future City Framework as a guide to move the projects and processes forward that may be outside of the resource limitations of the DFC Implementation Office.

August 2014 - Process Leaders formed their own implementation arm to move projects forward, Impact Detroit.

April 2015 - Impact Detroit officially launches